Garfield Characters


The central actor in the stories. He is a cynical, lazy orange cat who is constantly thinking of eating. He was born in an Italian restaurant therefore his favourite food the lasagne. He also has a soft spot for his teddy bear, Pooky.


Jon's other pet is a yellow beagle with a huge, slobbery tongue. Odie might not be the smartest dog, but he's a loyal friend. Garfield always kick him off the table.

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jon arbuckle
Jon Arbuckle is a comic book artist and Garfield's absent-minded owner. He has green eyes and brown hair and he loves the polka music. Jon is the target of Garfield's jokes. He is a unfortunate loser. The women laughed at him and they don't want to date him.


Nermal is a grey, kind and nice cat. He thinks that he is the World's Cutest Kitten. Nermal seems playful and sweet, but likes to annoy Garfield.